LingoTalk Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (General Conditions)

  1. LingoTalk general terms and conditions contain the terms and conditions for using LingoTalk services hosted on the website. LingoTalk service users are required to accept all terms and conditions before using LingoTalk's foreign language learning services.
  2. LingoTalk may change the Terms and Conditions at any time without further notification to students/service users. Changes to the previous Terms and Conditions will take effect when the changes are published on the LingoTalk website. Service users who continue to use LingoTalk's services after such changes are regarded to agree to the changes made.
  3. LingoTalk has the right to perpetuate and store information from service users, including but not limited to data registered by service users and videos of language classes on the website. LingoTalk will only use this information to support the performance of its operations. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, service users give LingoTalk the right to store and use the information.
  4. The use of the word Level in LingoTalk refers to the classification of student competencies in learning foreign languages which consist of beginner, elementary, intermediate, and upper-intermediate.
  5. The sub-levels in LingoTalk are classifications of student competencies per level. The beginner and elementary levels consist of 4 (four) sub-levels, the intermediate level consists of 6 (six) sub-levels, and the upper-intermediate consists of 8 (eight) sub-levels. Each sub-level will be implemented by 10 (ten) sessions.
  6. A session is a meeting between students and tutors in the context of teaching and learning with a duration of 60 (sixty) minutes through the website
  7. The curriculum is designed subjects and/or student competency objectives per level that can be adjusted to the student's abilities.

Article 2 (LingoTalk Registration)

  1. In order to start using LingoTalk's services, students are required to register themselves using the method established by LingoTalk. When registering, students need to agree to the points below :
    • Students agree to use the website as a learning medium
    • Students have daily access to the website
    • Students who are under the legal age according to the applicable law, are required to obtain approval from a legal representative, such as a parent or legal guardian.
    • The student agrees to the payment method as described in Article 5 (five).
    • LingoTalk language learning will be facilitated by tutors who have cooperated with LingoTalk.
    • The student registers himself with LingoTalk without compulsion from any party.
    • The student is in a health condition that allows them to take part in learning foreign languages online.
    • LingoTalk has the right to use student e-mails to send notifications, warnings, and information relevant to LingoTalk service provision operations.
  2. The student will get the status of 'Registered' when they have received an email containing approval and verification from LingoTalk.
  3. LingoTalk has the right to refuse and cancel the use of services by students if the following events are found :
    • The student enters false or incorrect information.
    • The student registers multiple accounts for use by the same individual.
    • The student is not in a legal status to register.
    • The student violated the LingoTalk Terms and Conditions.
    • The student has received the dismissal status from LingoTalk.
  4. The student can start using the LingoTalk services on the day the student's approval has been received by LingoTalk and has completed the payment.
  5. The student agrees that the information registered must be kept as accurate as possible and therefore, the student needs to update the data if necessary.

Article 3 (Data Policy)

  1. Information provided by the student to complete registration in LingoTalk are as follows :
    • Name
    • Occupation
    • Age
    • Email
    • Mobile Number
  2. The student agrees to provide all the data mentioned in point 1 without compulsion and in a conscious state.
  3. The student allows their data to be used by LingoTalk for several purposes, including but not limited to:
    • Operational needs for service provision
    • Answer questions and communicate with the data owner
    • Management of data owner’s account
    • Facilitate technical difficulties that occur on the website
    • Analyze the use of services by the data owner
    • Operational needs for service provision
    • Answer questions and communicate with the data owner
  4. LingoTalk will not distribute service user data to any party without the consent of the data owner. However, LingoTalk has the right to provide information when requested by legal authorities.
  5. The tutors have the right to take pictures, videos, and/or screenshots at the first meeting with the student's consent for verification purposes. The tutors have the right to take pictures, videos, and/or screenshots at the next meeting without consent if the student is found to have committed a violation as in article 8 paragraph 1 (one).
  6. LingoTalk is subject to and obedient to the Indonesian regulation of article 26 paragraph (1) of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions which reads: ''Unless determined by laws and regulations, the use of any information through the electronic media concerning a person's personal data must be made with the consent of the person concerned.' As well as article 36 paragraph (1) Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 of 2016 concerning Protection of Personal Data in the Electronic System which reads ''Every person who obtains, collects, processes, analyzes, stores, displays, publishes, transmits, and/or disseminates personal data in an unauthorized manner or not in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation of the Minister or other laws and regulations shall be imposed administrative sanctions under the laws and regulations.'

Article 4 (Service Use Period)

  1. One sub-level must be completed within 5 (five) weeks.
  2. Classes that have exceeded the period of 5 (five) weeks will be expired and if you want to continue the class, students are required to pay back.
  3. Temporary class termination can only be done for a maximum of 2 (two) weeks by submitting an application via email to
  4. After termination, the student will lose all rights related to the LingoTalk facility. The student cannot make any claim against LingoTalk.

Article 5 (Usage Fees and Payment Methods)

  1. The student is required to pay a usage fee as a compensation for using the services provided by LingoTalk.
  2. The student makes prepayments for each sub-level that will be enrolled.
  3. The student is required to pay class fees through a third party that has been provided on the website.
  4. LingoTalk has the right not to refund fees paid if a student has taken a class and stopped in the middle of a sub-level.
  5. Class payment for a student who gets a voucher or discount as a gift from LingoTalk is required to contact and confirm the amount of the fee in advance.

Article 6 (Refund)

  1. Payment for services that have been successfully made cannot be withdrawn by the student for any reason.

Article 7 (Class)

  1. Each session lasts 60 (sixty) minutes and cannot be extended or shortened, except with the agreement between the tutor and the student. If a student arrives late for class, there will be no extension of time and the session will still end as scheduled.
  2. The student is required to be present on time. If a student is late without notice for 15 (fifteen) minutes, the tutor has the right to leave the classroom and the student does not get a replacement class.
  3. If the Tutor is not present in the class after 15 (fifteen) minutes without notification, the student has the right to obtain a replacement class on the schedule agreed with the tutor.
  4. Notification of class cancellation from tutors and students must be notified at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before the class schedule starts.
  5. Class cancellation can only be done a maximum of 1 (one) time in one sub-level.
  6. LingoTalk may at any time cancel a class if the tutor is unable to attend due to urgent circumstances. In this case, students will receive compensation in the form of learning with other tutors or changing class schedules.
  7. LingoTalk is responsible for pairing students with other tutors in the same language if there is a schedule mismatch between the student and the first tutor.
  8. LingoTalk is not responsible for compensating for losses incurred due to student absence from class without notification.
  9. A class can start the day after the payment is confirmed by LingoTalk and the student receives an email notification.
  10. The student can make changes to the entire class schedule after notifying LingoTalk a maximum of 5 (five) working days before the class starts. Schedule changes can only be made if the schedule on the site is available and can only be done 1 (one) time in 1 (one) sub-level.
  11. The student will receive a learning result report at the end of each sub-level from the tutor concerned.
  12. The student is required to report available time to LingoTalk before a sub-level starts. The minimum time availability requirement is at least 10 (ten) sessions with a total of 15 (fifteen) hours in 7 (seven) days. The schedule can be made in the range of 08.00 (eight in the morning) WIB to 20.00 (eight at night) WIB.
  13. The student is advised to use a laptop and/or computer to access the website as a teaching-learning tool to reduce technical problems that may occur.

Article 8 (Critics and Suggestions)

  1. The student has the right to provide evaluations and suggestions for classes that have just taken place. The evaluation is given in a maximum of 48 (forty-eight) hours after the class ends.
  2. LingoTalk has the right to use student evaluations freely to be uploaded to any media that LingoTalk wants for educational, publication, and promotional purposes.

Article 9 (Prohibited Acts)

  1. In order to start using LingoTalk's services, students are required to register themselves using the method established by LingoTalk. When registering, students need to agree to the points below :
    • Change, sell, and transfer the student's LingoTalk account ownership.
    • Violate the rights of LingoTalk and Tutor and other parties who work with LingoTalk, both regarding credibility, copyrights, patents, designs, logo, published content, privacy, and trademarks.
    • Do actions that violate applicable legal rules.
    • Hinder the process of providing services by LingoTalk.
    • Utilize the facilities at LingoTalk to seek personal gain.
    • Cause losses, both material and nonmaterial, to LingoTalk and the tutors.
    • Provoke tutors and other parties to violate the rules set by LingoTalk.
    • Attend classes under circumstances that are not possible (very ill, under the influence of drugs, etc.).
    • Wear inappropriate clothes while attending class.
    • Distribute materials, modules, books, and exam questions to third parties without LingoTalk's knowledge and permission.
    • Disseminate confidential company proprietary information.
    • Impose an ideology or invite Tutors to join religious, political, or MLM communities.
    • Make personal contact with tutors outside the platform provided by LingoTalk, either directly or indirectly.
    • Invite or recruit tutors to join companies that offer similar services to LingoTalk.
    • Use inappropriate language.
    • Invite other people who are not concerned to attend the same class as the student.
    • Register multiple accounts used by the same individual.
    • Allow someone other than the owner of the registration data to attend classes at LingoTalk without the consent of the company.
    • Repeatedly absent from class without notice.
    • Provide irrelevant evaluation and/or slander a party.
    • Ask LingoTalk inappropriate things or demand for irrelevant rights to LingoTalk.
    • Force the tutor to extend or shorten the class duration.
    • Use other teaching-learning tools, including but not limited to Hangouts, Skype, Zoom.
    • Share content, images, videos, and recordings that are not relevant to the context of learning.
    • Offer any commercial services to tutors via the website
    • Other actions which are not mentioned above, but deemed inappropriate by LingoTalk.
  2. LingoTalk has the right to impose sanctions if a student takes action as written in Article 13 point 1. LingoTalk is not responsible for providing reasons behind sanctions.
  3. LingoTalk is not responsible for losses suffered by students if students take actions as written in Article 13 point 1.
  4. LingoTalk has the right to terminate or cancel student membership from the website without prior notice if the student takes the following actions :
    • There is no improvement in the behavior of the student after repeated warnings due to inappropriate actions.
    • The student violates the prohibited actions as written in article 9 (nine).
    • The student does not follow the instructions given by LingoTalk.
    • There have been reports of student inappropriate action from tutors.
    • Other reasons that are regarded worthy of terminating LingoTalk membership.
  5. If a student is terminated from LingoTalk's membership, LingoTalk is not responsible for refunding the student registration fee.
  6. LingoTalk is not responsible for any loss and inconvenience caused by student actions as mentioned in Article 13 point 4.

Article 10 (Notification)

  1. LingoTalk can send notifications, announcements, and information via email registered by students.
  2. LingoTalk is not responsible for students' nescience of LingoTalk's latest information due to not updating their emails or not checking e-mails periodically.

Article 11 (Termination of Service)

  1. LingoTalk has the right to terminate part or all of the service provision at any time. Notification regarding it will be given to all students who have LingoTalk membership through the website and email of each student.
  2. LingoTalk is responsible for notifying all members of any site improvements or other things that prevent students from running the class.
  3. LingoTalk will not be responsible for all losses incurred by students as a result of incidents of the termination of service.

Article 12 (Student Responsibility)

  1. Students are responsible for their actions while obtaining the facilities from LingoTalk.
  2. Students are required to provide their own facilities during the learning process with LingoTalk, such as computers, tablets, electricity, and the internet.
  3. Students are responsible for the losses suffered by LingoTalk and its company staff if they commit violations in article 9 (including but not limited to tutors, staff, and ambassadors).

Article 13 (Proprietary Rights)

  1. The ownership rights and copyrights of classroom learning recordings in the form of audio and video, images, logos, designs, modules, materials, exam questions, and other facilities used during the provision of service operations are fully owned by LingoTalk. Students are prohibited from reproducing and distributing, either on social media or in person, without the consent of LingoTalk.
  2. If a student takes action as mentioned in Article 12 point 1, LingoTalk has the right to conduct valid procedures (including but not limited to giving warnings, asking for compensation, and bringing matters into the realm of law) according to the applicable law.

Article 14 (State of No Guarantee)

  1. Students agree that Lingotalk does not provide guarantees to the following circumstances:
    • Students cannot run classes with the desired tutor.
    • Students cannot run the class at the appointed time due to site maintenance or other reasons.
    • The course of the classroom was disrupted by technical errors, including but not limited to blackouts, bad internet signals, and communication system errors that were outside the realm of the company's control.

Article 15 (Free Trial)

  1. Each account is only allowed to register 1 time and 1 language.
  2. Each person can only have 1 account and participate in the Free Trial 1 time.
  3. The student who attends the class late or unable to attend class according to the specified schedule cannot make changes or exchange schedules.
  4. Each Free Trial class will last 15-30 minutes.
  5. The discussion topic has been prepared by the Tutor.
  6. This class is completely free of charge, however, students are required to share their experiences via Instagram and include the account Please make sure that the account is public.
  7. At the end of the class, the tutor will ask students to record their impressions during the experience of studying in LingoTalk as a part of LingoTalk documentation.
  8. After the session ends, students will be contacted personally to fill in feedback and provide their Instagram username to meet the requirements no. 6.