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Benefits of Studying with LingoJunior


Can Be Used as a School Curriculum

LingoJunior can be used as a school curriculum both as an intracurricular activity and an extracurricular activity


Special Learning Module for Kindergarten and Elementary

Specially crafted modules for children aged 3 to 12 years to strengthen their basic language skills


Levels in Each Language Course

Levels in each language designed with specific modules based on students' language skills


Experienced LingoJunior Tutors

Our credible and skilled tutors are trained to impart a wide range of language knowledge and teach in a digital environment

Language Choices

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Services We Provide


Monitor Your Student's Learning Progress Through Dashboard

With the LingoSchool Dashboard, schools can monitor students' language learning progress, class schedules, and student learning outcomes.

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Increase the Fun of Students' Language Learning Through Applications

Students can learn and get the fun through the LingoJunior app to check the progress of their language learning journey, try out various language and character tests, and daily missions to increase the fun of learning.


Latest Information on Children's Language Learning Journeys for Parents Through Applications

Through the LingoParents app, parents can stay up-to-date with their child's language learning journey, class schedules, and learning reports.

Exclusive Features for School


Learning Style Test

A test that helps students find out their type of learning style and tips on learning strategies according to their learning style


Free Class

Access to free and no-commitment classes provided by LingoTalk for up to 3 students


Access to Community

Get access to special gatherings, local gatherings and sharing opportunities with our fellow educational institutions


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