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Specially crafted syllabus for children and teenagers aged 3 to 12 years old, LingoJunior aims to strengthen language skill foundations. Through an engaging learning journey, we invite you to identify and enhance your children’s potentials!

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Why LingoJunior ?

Why Lingojunior?

Start Early

Satisfy your children’s curiosity by kick-starting their learning journey at an early age! With a broad selection of five languages to choose from, LingoBuddies are going to be assisted by LingoTutors to learn a language efficiently in a digestible manner

Why Lingojunior?

Easy Access

We prioritize flexibility. With our online sessions, LingoBuddies will be able to learn from anywhere and everywhere at any given day and time!

Why Lingojunior?

Innovative Learning Solution

With the help of LingoMethod, your children’s way of learning, be it visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, will be determined prior to the first day of class


Private Class Overview

“Just you and our incredible LingoTutor”

With LingoJunior’s one-one session, our professional tutors will guide the learning process while simultaneously refining the student’s social and motor skills. Each LingoBuddy will be equipped with an e-book throughout the course.


Group Class Overview

“Don’t forget to invite your bestfriend!”

LingoJunior’s group sessions enable a hands-on practice experience accompanied by two to four LingoBuddies, guided by our professional tutors. Throughout the course, each LingoBuddy will be assisted with an e-book for collective readings or independent learning.



Language Options

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Benefit Lingojunior

Fun and engaging way of learning in a one-on-one or group setting

Benefit Lingojunior

One-Click Away. Our online classes are customizable! Your children will never have to miss class.

Benefit Lingojunior

Credible and skillful tutors. Our LingoTutors are trained to deliver range of languages knowledge and teach in a digital environment

Benefit Lingojunior

Materials that are designed interestingly, so you could learn in a fun way

Benefit Lingojunior

Flexible. LingoParents can arrange the schedule freely, making it possible for LingoBuddies to learn with ease.


LingoJunior Private Class

IDR 900.000

What will you get?

  • Ten private live sessions

  • Revise and sharpen language skills with two additional quiz sessions

  • Customizable & Flexible schedule

  • Up to 60 minutes/session

  • Learning materials provided

LingoJunior Group Class

IDR 550.000

What will you get?

  • Ten live sessions

  • Revise and sharpen language skills with two additional quiz sessions

  • Flexible schedule of your group’s choice

  • Up to 60 minutes/session

  • Two to four learning buddies

  • Learning materials provided

Pre - Assessment

Find out your language level!

Try our online Pre-Assessment Test to find out which class is right for you. It’s free, quick and it lets you know your score in an instant!

Pre Assessment

LingoJunior All Language

Scout (Beginner)

Designed to develop Lingobuddies’ basic language competency, Scout level will incorporate enjoyable activities using methods such as singing, playing games, and roleplaying. After completing the stage, LingoBuddies will be able to verbally communicate in any foreign language of their choice and master simple topics such as self-introduction, hobbies, and daily vocabulary.

Explorer (Elementary)

Ranger (Intermediate)

LingoJunior English

Kindergarten Level English

Lingobuddies aged 3-5 years old will learn the basic concept of spelling and counting. They will also learn pronunciation and simple sentences in general topics regarding family, animals and address their opinions. LingoTutors will encourage students to actively participate during class to increase children's confidence in speaking a foreign language.

Elementary Level English

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