Top Reasons Why Learning Indonesia is A Big Deal For your Future

Tue, 19 Jan 2021

Got any plans of pursuing a career or continuing your studies in Indonesia? If ‘yes’, may we suggest learning the Indonesian language. Indonesia itself may yet to ring any bells in your ears, but you’d probably know their little island of paradise, known as the Island of The Gods, famous for its beautiful natural landscapes of mountains, beaches, and rice fields.

Back to Indonesia, learning Indonesian is guaranteed to be a great advantage for you, especially if you have any desire to move there. Apart from being one of the most spoken languages in the world, Indonesian is also one of the easiest languages to learn mainly for English speakers. Eager to find out what other benefits you might get? Read on to find out why learning Indonesian is a very big deal for your future.

Indonesian is the 10th most spoken language in the world

Indonesia is one of the most spoken language in the world.

As the fourth largest country in the world with over 260 million people, it’s a no-brainer that Indonesian takes the top ten for the most used language compared to other countries. According to the visual capitalist, there are actually over 197 million Indonesian speakers with about 43 million native speakers. Imagine yourself learning Indonesian and gaining that many native friends.

Learning Indonesian can be a huge contribution to your career development in the country because the language is basically spoken and used everywhere in the country. Another bonus: Indonesian is also used in other neighboring countries. For example, Brunei and Malaysia speak Malay as their national language, which has similarities with Indonesian. While Singapore uses Indonesian as one of the four official languages alongside English, Mandarin, and Tamil. In fact, a lot of communities are starting to learn Indonesian in several countries, such as Australia, Suriname, The Netherlands, The United States, The United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Learning Indonesian can help gain access to over 700 indigenous cultures

Indonesia's cultural diversity.

If you noticed the smaller number of native speakers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Indonesian isn’t spoken a lot by the country’s population. Another fact to note in mind is that Indonesia is also known as the world’s largest island country with over 17,000 islands. With a huge population, Indonesia holds over 700 living indigenous languages. Some Indonesians may not grow up learning Indonesian. Nevertheless, they had to learn Indonesian as the language was chosen to be the medium that would unite hundreds of ethnics and cultures.

Indonesian runs deep as an important part of the country’s national identity. Indonesia is one of the only countries to nominate one of its indigenous languages as a national language. To unite the people, Indonesian is then decided as the language of law, politics, and other public forms of speech and writing. So, here’s another reason why learning Indonesian can be a huge lead to your possible stay in the country.

Indonesian is considered as one of the easiest languages to learn

Learning the class.

Try not to worry when you plan on learning Indonesian because it is the complete opposite of everything in your head. When considering learning a foreign Asian language, you might have instinctively squinted your eyebrows at the fact that you’ll have to learn an unfamiliar character writing system. And not to mention the uncommon grammar structure.

Well, the fact is that Indonesian uses the exact same Latin alphabets as English. Additionally, you won’t have to learn any “tones” during your Indonesian learning courses. As you learn Indonesian, you’ll see that the words are pronounced exactly the way they are spelled. For the grammar system, you may find some differences from English but Indonesian lacks a lot of rules regarding grammar. No verb conjugations, nor plurals, and nor grammatical genders. You’re going to have a blast learning Indonesian!

The future for Indonesian economy is increasing steadily

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

In a study by Mckinsey Institute, Indonesia is predicted to have the world’s 7th largest economy, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom by 2030. For the past 20 years, the labor productivity in Indonesia has successfully made an incredible improvement out of agriculture sectors for economic growth. Indonesia, as the largest island country, has an abundance of natural resources which took over the country’s economic growth. The massive productivity improvement obviously resulted in an increasing rate of employment.

Nowadays, Indonesia’s labor forces are beginning to open up employment for various candidates, especially from overseas. All are welcome to apply as long as they can work along well together. For those of you interested in shifting to a career in Indonesia, you might be fine with only speaking English in large cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. But you won’t have the same chance if you were to work in smaller cities as the people only speak Indonesian at most. So, it’s best to learn some Indonesian for future possibilities.

Learn Indonesian in a fun and effective way

Bottom line: Are you “in” on learning Indonesian? In conclusion, you can see that the language is hardly difficult. Instead, learning Indonesian will give an amazing abundance of beneficial advantages. Consider Indonesian to be on your list of dream languages to learn. The more you learn, the greater you get. So, start learning Indonesian with our course on LingoTalk. Happy learning!

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