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Mon, 02 Nov 2020

It’s that time of the year for another round of jack-o-lanterns, costume parties, and trick or treating!


Well, unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, we are unable to celebrate halloween outdoors. Instead, let’s still make the most of this annual event by taking those activities inside the comfort of our homes! You could try dressing up and taking halloween-themed home photoshoots, play horror games online, carve a pumpkin – and of course, your Halloween night wouldn’t be as thrilling without a series of horror movies to binge-watch with your family, or even alone if you dare!


If you’re bored with Hollywood horror blockbusters, we’ll spice up your movie selection! As we all probably already know, Asian horror movies are no joke. They will really give you the chills and goosebumps, and Thailand is one of the countries that produce such movies. So turn your TV or on, get comfortable, grab some snacks, and enjoy binge-watching these 5 Thai Horror movies that’ll give you the ultimate spooky halloween experience!


1. Nang Nak (1999)


This film is a tragic horror film based on an old Thai legend, where its storyline revolves on Mae Nak, an important figure in Thai folklore. Set in early 19th century Thailand, Mak, who is a husband to his wife named Nak, was called to fight for war. During his time away, Nak was pregnant, and due to overworking, she went into painful labor and died. When Mak returned, wounded from war, he reunited with his wife and child, not knowing they’re both ghosts. Eventually, something proves that they cannot coexist and it led to an unexpected secret being unveiled. 


Despite being a horror film, Nang Nak also brought some viewers to tears because of its emotional aspects that they found extremely moving, especially to the locals!


2. Shutter (2004)


You’ve probably heard this one before, since this film has gained quite an international recognition throughout the years! If you haven’t already, this is definitely a must-watch!


Shutter tells the story of Tun, a photographer, and his girlfriend Jane, who accidentally hit a young woman with a car. Days later, a mysterious figure began showing up in the back of Tun’s photographs. Frightened, Jane did some searching and found out that the victim of the accident was none other than a woman named Natre, who happened to be Tun’s classmate. As the haunting went on, Jane unveils a frightening, shocking secret.


3. Coming Soon (2008)


This movie may be especially frightening to those of you who enjoy illegally downloading movies, as the plot follows the life of a man who works at a movie theatre whose side-hustle is illegally pirating movies. When he began pirating a horror movie about a vengeful spirit of a woman who was hanged for murdering children, he started noticing weird occurrences in his life. 


As the idea of this movie has not been previously done in other horror films, this one received quite some praise on its originality, so be sure to check it out!


4. Alone (2007)


Directed by the same masterminds behind Shutter (2004), this film tells the story of a Pim, a girl who escaped to Korea from her hometown in Thailand because of her guilt for surviving half of a conjoined twin. During their childhood, Pim and her twin promised to stay together forever until the commitment turned into a restraining bond that eventually led them to be separated. Upon Pim’s return, the spirit of her vengeful twin came back to her life. 


Fun fact : This film had swept numerous awards internationally, a few of them being Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards at the 2007 Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles! 


5. Siam Square (2017)


Being relatively a newcomer compared to the previous films, this film focuses on a group of twelve graders who met in a cram school in Siam Square, a popular shopping and entertainment area in Bangkok, Thailand. Desperate to be accepted to a reputable university, these youngsters took the risk to prove the existence of an urban legend about a red-stringed chair. The legend said that if one wants to get into said university, they have to worship an evil spirit and tie a red string on a certain chair. However, their plan backfired completely and took a frightening turn. 


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Happy Halloween!






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