Online Interviews 101 : Tips That’ll Help You Land the Job

Mon, 30 Nov 2020

You might or might not be anxious during the “waiting phase” after you sent your application to a company. Well, we think it’s normal! Though, if you made sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters to do a little research on your identity, the chances of getting noticed by the recruiter and them being interested on your profile may increase!


After days of refreshing your email inboxes and text messages and finally getting an interview invitation, you’ll automatically feel like your hard work paid off. Although, the interview is the most crucial part that determines whether or not you’ll get recruited, so you need to make sure you create a best impression of yourself to the recruiter! With the presence of the current pandemic, most interviews are done remotely using video conferencing platforms. With the interview held online, some might find it more difficult, while some find it rather less nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, you need to treat it the same way you would in a face-to-face interview!


To achieve that, we’re going to help you by laying out a few basic online interview preparations and tips to help you land your dream job! 


1. Set Up Your Most Reliable Hardware To Use (And Run Tests on Them!)


In doing an online interview, your device and stable internet connections could be either your lifesavers or cause of failure. Do make sure to pick out your most reliable device and assure that you have a good internet connection. Prior to the interview, run a test using the platform that will be later used to confirm that you are able to utilize it with ease. 


Tip : Try entering the designated meeting around 10 minutes earlier to verify that you have good connection and also to avoid tardiness!


2. Pick Out a Professional Outfit


Dressing to impress is essential in interviews! Although it is held remotely, dress as you would in a real-life interview, following a business casual dress code will never go wrong. Make sure your visible part of your clothing looks nice, take the time to shave and do your hair as well! Recruiters will definitely appreciate the effort you put into looking your absolute best, and it will make you feel professional and confident to ace your interview!


3. Research The Company Beforehand Thoroughly


Having a deep understanding of your company’s values is really crucial to answer your recruiter’s questions, the most common one being “What do you know about us and why do you want to work here?”. To answer that, make sure that you have prepared a concise answer using your knowledge on the company. Moreover, you really need to be knowledgeable on what you’re trying to get yourself into! Having a vast understanding and highlighting what you love about the company will also make you seem appealing to the recruiter. So, do your research and take notes!


4. Brace Yourself for Case Studies


It is quite often that interviews will ask what you could do to solve a certain situation in a company. With the question being spontaneous, try to keep a relaxed face and answer the question professionally, and elaborate how your skills can come to an advantage in such a case. Problem solving is essential for any job, so try to think of numerous possible case scenarios regarding your position before the interview to assist you in answering the questions.


5. Be Honest and Transparent on Your Skills


During the interview, there’s a possibility that recruiters ask about a certain skill that is not exactly written on the job description, and they are wondering if you are familiar, or even if you are proficient in it. The ultimate key to answering this kind of question is honesty! Explain in detail about your level of proficiency in such skill, express your knowledge if you are knowledgeable in it, and don’t lie if you are not familiar with it at all! Recruiters can probably see through your lie and decide not to hire you from this simple mistake. So, don’t be afraid to tell the truth, they definitely will value your honesty!


6. Follow Up!


After the interview, it is important to send a follow-up message through email or a designated messaging platform. Convey your gratitude for the time to do the interview, and inform them that you’re available for any possible additional questions. If you haven’t heard back from the company in a long time, it is never wrong to send another follow-up message. Make sure to do so!


Have You Applied All of These In Your Recent Interview?


If you haven’t, do so in your next one! It is normal to hear rejections from recruiters, and you shouldn’t let it discourage you, instead, consider it as a learning process! Learning from your previous interviews and noting down what you have missed will create an improvement for your future interviews. 


Best of luck, Lingobuddies!

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