Mind Your Mind : Ways to Maintain Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Mon, 07 Dec 2020

The current Coronavirus outbreak has become a threat to both our physical and mental health globally. Aside from the anxiety of possibly catching the disease, it was proven that the pandemic has contributed to problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychological distress. 


Every individual’s response to the outbreak may vary, yet it is very much common that emotions such as stress occur because of the current situation. It is not a small chance that workers are laid off their jobs, learners getting difficulties with transitions of learning methods, and businesses that are closing down due to the outbreak. From said occurrences, with their daily lives full of uncertainties, individuals’ mental health could be on the line. 


Our mental health is the key to physical health, and vice versa! Hence, even when things seem to get out of hand or get too stressful during the pandemic, it is essential to put efforts to take care of ourselves. 


Here are some tips for you, Lingobuddies, to stay sane during your quarantine!


Find A Way to Get Occupied at Home


The transition from our used-to-be outdoor activities into the stay home routine is not necessarily easy for everyone. Some may find it stressful to focus, or probably experience extreme boredom from being isolated in our houses. That being said, finding a distraction through acquiring new hobbies and interests, or making the time for self-development are some possible ways to eradicate that feeling of being “trapped” at home. Whether it is exploring your previous hobbies or finding a new one, you can make use of the time however you like! 


We personally recommend pursuing self-development during home quarantine. With all the time at home and the presence of technology, you can develop new skills. A way to do that is by studying a new foreign language. Take the time to uncover a wide range of culture accessible through the tips of your fingers! When you come out of quarantine, you can be exposed to an array of opportunities waiting for you. So, start your self-development journey right from the comfort of your home!


Limit Your Tendencies of Checking The News


Yes, we get that you are curious of what’s happening out there, and waiting desperately for good news to come by. However, too much of something is never good! It can cause anxiety in the process, and definitely a threat to your wellbeing. Try limiting your news exposure to a certain time of the day, and make sure that it doesn’t fully consume your thoughts that it becomes negative. Moreover, with the pandemic being a constant trending topic on everyday’s news, it is possible that not all the headlines contain facts in them. So, be sure to filter your news and only believe in credible ones, those that are backed up with facts and evidence! Take care of yourself first and focus on your wellbeing, and you can feel happier that way!


Stay Connected With People Around You


Loneliness is one of the sources of our sadness and could contribute to anxiety and depression as well. Thus, it is important to note that you should not bottle up your feelings, and try talking openly regarding mental health to trustable people around you.


The health regulations require us to distance ourselves physically. However, we sure still need other people’s presence daily, such as our friends, families, and loved ones. Well, with technology, you can do just that with ease. Maintain your relationships with people even if they are far away by scheduling online hangouts, or if you’re living with your family, take this time to bond with them by having movie nights and dinners together. Shared happiness is priceless, so make sure to earn yours!


Eat Healthy and Exercise Daily


As mentioned previously, both mental and physical health complements each other. So, taking care of your physical health through a balanced diet will contribute to your mental wellbeing as well! With more time at home, it can be your chance to refine your daily food intake! Adjusting to your current health conditions or goals, create a scheduled meal plan with enough nutrients for a well-nourished healthy lifestyle.


Pairing your healthy meal with a daily dose of exercise will make your body really happy. Doing exercises is also proven to be effective in reducing insomnia! Staying up all night all night might increase tendencies of overthinking, that leads to potential anxieties and negative thoughts. Thus, creating an exercise routine will contribute in helping you get a better night’s sleep and improve your mental and physical health.


Create a Routine


Some of us might have a thing for spontanities, creating a daily routine of your activities is actually helpful for you to maintain your mental health. Having a routine is a benefit to your mental health because it decreases your stress levels. Indumathi Bendi, M.D, a primary care physician at Piedmont Healthcare, highlighted that “Preparedness is a key way to prevent stress." 


Try scheduling a specific time for each of your activities in a day, and that way, you can see how many tasks you’re able to fit in a day. Furthermore, it is also beneficial to increase your productivity and promote both your mental wellbeing and self-development!


Currently, how well are you coping with the current pandemic?


It is, without a doubt, that everyone has their own coping mechanisms when it comes to mental health and personal wellbeing. However, the tips above are general pointers to give you a perspective on improving your routine to, at the least, put a smile on your face daily. 


In this threatening pandemic, we all want nothing but good news. Although uncertainties are still very much present, we can start by prioritizing ourselves first. Our mental health is our priority, so make sure you take care of it as best as you can.


Be kind to yourself, Lingobuddies!

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