Living On a Budget? Here Are a Few Side-Hustles to Earn Money While Studying Abroad!

Wed, 21 Oct 2020

Stepping into a fresh start consisting of new faces, culture, and environment in a new country is one of the best experiences that one’s ever gonna get! We know how exciting it is to pack your suitcase, get on an airplane, and embark on a new journey outside of your comfort zones as international students.

Although, let’s not forget that cost plays a big role in doing so – We understand that financing is always the complicated part; from tuition, accommodation, living, transportation, and other essential costs – well, the list always goes on, don’t they?

Of course, being able to receive a full-ride scholarship is one thing checked off the list, but trust us, you’ll have tons of costs you need to cover while living abroad, and of course you’ll try to not give more financial burden to your parents, and we know that some of us are, whether we realize it or not, impulsive buyers (we won’t judge!).

So, if you’re trying to live on a budget and looking for side-hustles to earn extra cash, we’re here to walk you through a series of ways to do so!

Disclaimer : As we’re going to talk about the methods generally and each country differs in policies, don’t forget to check if things mentioned here are applicable to your study abroad destination, Lingobuddies!

1. Put your talent to work!

Offering services in your field of expertise, or in other words, freelancing, is one of the most flexible and easiest ways to earn cash while studying abroad. It could be writing, tutoring, translating, graphic design, basically anything you’re good at and willing to offer!

You can market your services independently, from telling a friend and get them to tell other people, promote them on your own social media, or one of the most conventional ways – have a go on freelancer websites!

One thing to note is that, when you do freelance work, you represent yourself – you are your own brand! Therefore, understanding personal branding and implementing them is important in drawing customers to hire you to do the work! Are you curious, or still unfamiliar with the term ‘‘Personal Branding’‘? Join our virtual webinar by registering here!

2. Apply for part-time jobs!

Some countries allow international students to do part-time jobs, just make sure you know you’re eligible to do so in your destination country!

Part-time jobs are commonly most international students’ go-to choice to earn a side income. By being a server in a restaurant, doing pizza deliveries, or even a dog walker, you gain valuable experience, interpersonal skills, and it might be a good addition to your resume! In addition, a majority of universities provide on-campus opportunities that are targeted especially to students, such as working in the campus cafeterias, libraries, signing up as a lecturer’s assistant, and so on.

Although, for most countries, it would be very much beneficial if you mastered their local language. So, before you go, make sure you come prepared by learning the language, and you can do so easily at Lingotalk!

3. Start a small business!

Are you constantly tired of looking and applying for jobs, but they just don’t suit you well enough? Well, you could create an opportunity for yourself by starting your own business Research your target market and start a business that doesn't necessarily require a huge capital – like a homemade delicacy, for instance!

Selling food and beverages is one of the profitable businesses you can pursue as a student, and if you think you’re not confident enough to do it alone, get a partner and let your teamwork do the magic!

It’s okay to take baby steps and start small, with a drive and willingness to grow, your small business can turn to a really successful one, who knows? It might be an excellent opportunity, and you might want to try and take the risk.

Tip : As Michael Jordan once said, don’t be afraid to fail ; be afraid not to try!

4. Be on a constant lookout for scholarship and grant opportunities!

Applying for any opportunities for scholarship and grants that you’re eligible to is really beneficial to support your financial situation! They usually vary from merit-based, program-specific, destination-specific, and student-specific scholarships. However, it differs in each country, so take notes about yours!

Even though most of them are competitive, it doesn’t hurt to try, right? It’s not impossible, so just go for it! It also helps that you have a good academic and non-academic records, although each scholarship varies in requirements. You just have to keep on searching for the right ones and applying to them!

There are numerous ways to make money while studying abroad, it’s just the matter of how keen you are in discovering those opportunities and earning them, so don’t hesitate to try out each one, and if you keep on trying, it will definitely come your way.

Get up, grab a note and a pen, and start to plan your study-abroad hustle, if you haven’t already!

Best of luck!

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