Learning Through Listening : Music As an Effective Lingo Learning Tool

Mon, 19 Oct 2020

Are you introducing yourself to a new foreign language? Well, get ready to nail down a brand new set of vocabularies, grammar and sentence structures, and one of the most significant parts – listening and speaking! 


Want to get it done in a more conventional, fun, and creative way?


Music is one of the many effective tools that helps you in your language learning journey – especially if you’re an auditory learner!


Do you find ease in retaining information through sound and speech? Do you memorise vocabularies and grammar while saying it out loud? And most importantly,


Do you enjoy listening to music? 


If yes, well, you’re just in luck! Because we’re going to break down how listening to music, especially when you’re in the process of learning a foreign language, helps you master it like a pro in no time! 


If not, then.. You probably should consider trying this method!


So, why exactly does music help us learn a language? Here’s two main reasons :


It speeds up your memorisation!


If you’re about to learn a new language, memorisation is one of the key skills you need to have! Listening to foreign music helps you pick up new words and expressions that are not necessarily written in your textbooks. The melody is going to be attached in your memory, therefore enabling you to recall it with ease.


Researchers have also found out that music and language are two aspects that are processed by the same brain system!


Try singing it out loud to improve your pronunciation and searching up for the lyrics to comprehend its meaning! And if you’re especially a fan of the musician or simply have deep passion for music, learning the language won’t feel like a burden or a task – it channels your passion and motivates you to do even better.


Having professional assistance by signing up for a course at Lingotalk along with expanding your knowledge through songs, is a perfect combo to boost your language learning experience!


It activates your motivation and enhances your mood!


There are times when you’re not motivated enough to sit down, grab a pen, open your textbook, and learn the ordinary way. We know, sometimes, it takes a whole lot of effort to do so. 


However, with music, whether you’re simply doing your house chores, going on a morning run, or when you’re taking a long shower, you can always absorb new knowledge! In other words, it’s portable. You can learn even if you don’t feel like learning. 


Even if learning is not your main focus while listening to your favorite tunes, you can sing along – and singing along in a foreign language is equivalent to practicing your speaking. Do it everyday and it will definitely enhance your skills – with a fun twist in the process!


Tip : Make a special playlist for each of your moods or activities to help you motivate yourself even better!


It helps gain fluency and familiarity!


Songs typically use casual expressions and some idioms that are exclusive to their respective languages. 


You’ll be able to learn how locals express their message in their creative ways that you might gain a sense of familiarity on how the language is actually spoken in their countries, and have a better understanding of their cultures.


 By repeating and analyzing its definitions, it eases you into being fluent and speaking like a native!


Now that we’ve discussed its effectiveness, let’s get on with the steps to use music as your key to learning a foreign language! 


  1. Curate a playlist of foreign songs you enjoy!


The main aspect to look out for is you must have an interest in the music you’re listening to. Ones that you would not mind blasting in your speakers countless times a day. Repetition is crucial in your journey of learning a foreign language, so pick out your favorite tunes!


  1. Analyze the lyrics


After hearing it numerous times, you’ll get a hang of its lyrics, although what you hear and its actual lyrics might not always be the same. That is why it’s important to find the official translation of the song and compare it with your native language. Search it up, pick up new vocabularies and structures, and take notes of its meanings!


  1. Sing it out loud!


What better way to practice your pronunciation rather than singing it? Using the lyrics as a guide, play the song and try to sing while reading them. Note that you need to repeat it a lot of times to get it right! Not sure with your pronunciation? Seek for assistance by joining a course at Lingotalk, as our courses are conversation-oriented, that will definitely help you with speaking!


Now that we’ve uncovered a new tool to assist us in foreign language learning, let’s not forget that we need to cover the basics of the language that we can’t necessarily extract from only music. 


Get a one-on-one learning experience from our certified tutors in Lingotalk, to make sure you are using those slangs in your favorite songs in the correct manner! 


Register here, and start listening!


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