Learning Japanese Through Anime: Possible or Not?

Tue, 01 Sep 2020

So, you decided to take the leap and start to learn Japanese. There are countless ways to learn this beautiful language. From online courses to Youtube videos and anime, the sky is your limit, and you can even learn from all of them or more.


Anime is one of the most popular Japanese media and can be useful as a cultural and language exposure to Japanese starters like you. With a wide array of genre and age range, anime will become a relief when you’re bored with the formal learning and want to switch into something more entertaining.


The Bottleneck

Before you start learning Japanese through anime, there’s one important thing to note: you can’t solely rely on anime for your learning process. While it is an effective method to improve your listening and reading skills, the Japanese language portrayed in anime often doesn’t speak true to reality due to the setting, characters, and genre. For example, the famous main character of Naruto often signs off with だってばよ (dattebayo), which is actually gibberish and doesn’t mean anything for the native Japanese. The word implies that the speaker is uncultured, hence it’s not recommended for beginner Japanese learners.


The takeaway is: watching anime won’t make you fluent in Japanese, but it is an effective supplement if you want to know how a certain word or phrase used in daily conversations.


So, How Do You Learn Japanese through Anime?

Here are some tips to effectively utilize anime as if it’s an online course:

  • Add some titles to your watch-list after you finished the basic Japanese level. This way, even if you won’t completely understand what the characters say, you’ll still be able to get the core meaning.
  • Bring your notes with you. Put down the phrase or word that’s unfamiliar and look it up later.
  • Watch anime with Japanese subtitles to boost your reading skill.
  • Once you’ve reached the intermediate level, start turning off the subtitle to maximize your listening comprehension.
  • Consult with someone who’s more experienced. Luckily, in LingoTalk, you’ll be accompanied by a set of experienced tutors who will help you to understand your learning material and even include it in the conversation during online classes.


Ready to start your journey in learning Japanese? To help you, here, we’ve compiled 5 best titles to guide you into the wonderful world of anime.



Who doesn’t know this legendary anime? Telling the daily life of an elementary school boy named Nobita and his futuristic robot cat guardian, Doraemon, the language used in Doraemon is simple, conversational, and beginner-friendly. To make it better, since the series is based on a manga (Japanese comics), learners who prefer reading instead of watching can opt for the manga instead.



Wholesome and heartwarming, this anime follows the story of four high school girls who wish to be famous with their band. In their quest to be popular, the vocabulary used in this anime is primarily about music, art, and instruments. Hence, you probably need to familiarize yourself with the terms before watching it without subtitle.


Death Note

The Death Note grants death for those whose names appear on its pages. The story itself revolves around the teen genius, Light Yagami, who took Death Note and wished to create a crimeless utopian world. Soon, the Japanese police force, accompanied by the prodigy detective named L, began to hunt Light down. Since the story is quite dark and revolves around crime and the government, Death Note is recommended for those who have reached upper-level Japanese comprehension.


If you have a specialized interest in criminology or politics, freely consult it with us before you start your class. LingoTalk will assist you with a personalized class designed to help you achieve your goals.


Detective Conan

Using a mix of conversational and formal lingo, Detective Conan follows the story of a high-school detective named Conan Edogawa and his story in solving crime. Detective Conan is arguably one of the most famous series in Japanese and worldwide. Many of its episodes mention crime and mystery-related terms which you need to familiarize yourself with beforehand.


Starting way back in 2002, this long-running anime is one of Japan’s most famous series. The story revolves around Naruto, an orphan training to be the best ninja. Throughout his journey, he befriends many people and got the recognition due to his dedication, kindness, and power. However, he also had to deal with turmoils that came from early-life loss and death of his closest ones.


The vocabulary used in Naruto is conversational and easy to follow. However, as previously mentioned, there were also made-up words such as dattebayo which you need to be aware of.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

Being the best online language course, LingoTalk is a perfect choice for diving into a new lingo and bring yourself into fluency. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how the natives’ talk and their culture with our experienced tutors and exceptional online-based classes. By the end of the course, you will have a strong grasp of both the language, its culture, as well as its people.


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