K-Dramas : Are They Really Worth the Hype?

Fri, 16 Oct 2020

If you have not been living under a rock, you most probably would be familiar with the term Korean Drama. Well, if you’re not, then this is a perfect opportunity to dive in! With intriguing plotlines played by swoon-worthy leads, K-Dramas had taken the film industry by storm.

Does it really live up to its popularity, you may ask? To answer the question, let’s take a closer look to this K-drama phenomenon people are buzzing about.

What exactly is a Korean Drama?

Generally speaking, a Korean Drama is no different than what you think it is. Like its name, they are television series, usually ranging from 16 to 20 episodes per season, with approximately 60 to 90 minutes running time for each episode.

With a diverse range of genres, it’s particularly compelling fashion used in the production, and a lot of other supporting factors, K-Dramas rose to its popularity worldwide and became a hot topic in the entertainment industry.

What makes it so popular and why are people addicted to them?

The emotional attachment they give

As mentioned previously, the majority of K-dramas have a long running time for each episode with 16 to 20 episodes in a season. But here’s the catch. Unlike most American TV series, K-dramas are known to only have one season for each production! When you’re watching, you may immerse yourselves in the plot that you forget about the real world and when it ends – it just ends. No more seasons.

Not to mention the cliffhangers some of them have that just makes you crave for more! That being said, K-dramas have successfully made their audiences to be emotionally attached to the series.

The vast array of genres it offers

Some may have a stereotypical view that K-dramas are all about cheesy romance and melodramas. Well, it’s totally a false claim! They actually vary from crime, fantasy, thriller, rom-coms, you name it. Moreover, they offer exceptional plotlines that keep audiences longing to press that ‘‘Next Episode’‘ button.

In contrast to its stereotypes, not every K-drama has a romance aspect to it. One example would be Stranger (2017), where it embarks the journey of a young prosecutor with a disability to feel empathy to unveil the identity of a serial killer.

P.S. Stranger is one of the few K-dramas that entertains us with a second season!

Inspirational life lessons and its relatable aspects

K-dramas with a rom-com or family-friendly genres give off an endearing sense of humor and lighthearted day-to-day conversations that makes it easily relatable to our current lives. Also, while watching a K-Drama, one can’t help but feel empathy for the pain the characters are facing, their life struggles, and more.

In Itaewon Class (2020), the drama portrays an ex-con with big dreams to create a huge company with 9 years of constant hard work and failures along the way. Discussing inequality among social classes, a dash of romance, and an inspiring business journey, the series captured attention of many international viewers.

The amount of visuals they serve

Both the drama sets and leads, they all are serving attractive visuals that draw so much viewers’ attention! And get this – they don’t only shoot in Korea! Encounter (2018) serves their audiences with a picturesque landscape of Cuba.

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So, what's the final verdict?

With everything said, one would say that they are really worth watching, and they deserve their immense popularity. And if you haven’t yet, you should definitely try indulging yourselves into the K-drama world. I bet you would never want to get out!

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Happy learning!

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