Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and How It Benefits Your Growth

Fri, 02 Oct 2020

Have you ever met someone who’s really composed although there’s chaos around them? Or someone who’s thoughtful and sensitive, that you can’t help but want to befriend them?


Apparently, that’s how people with high emotional intelligence looks like. But what does it mean by being emotionally intelligent? Does that mean you use your heart more than your brain? Or is it something else entirely?


Below, we’re going to talk about how emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) benefits your life, both in personal and professional spheres. Let’s dive in!


What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Popularized by Daniel Goleman through his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to manage and be in control of one’s emotions, as well as the others’.


For most people, EQ plays a big role in furthering their career and personal life as it defines how you perceive other people’s signals and react accordingly. Furthermore, developing your emotional intelligence also helps us in negotiating, understanding, and empathizing with your friends and colleagues.


Wondering how to start cultivating your EQ? Here are some categories that you can use to assess yourself.


5 Categories of Emotional Intelligence



Self-awareness refers to the ability to recognize your emotions, and it is the key to emotional intelligence. This ability requires a thorough knowledge of yourself and acceptance of it. Once you can regulate your emotions, it’ll be easy to manage them for a positive outcome.



How long does it take for you to wind down after lashing your anger? While everyone has a different way to cope with emotions, emotionally intelligent people understand how to alleviate negative emotions using a number of techniques. This is what we call self-regulation.


Self-regulation covers having the self-control to manage emotions, adapting to flexible environments, and being open to new ideas.



What makes a motivation powerful is the underlying clear goal and a positive attitude to support it. Indeed, not every emotion is beneficial for your goal. However, the ability to reframe the negative experience and take only the good lessons from it is a form of EQ too.



While experience and IQ are essential, you won’t get far in life if you can’t empathize with others. Someone with high emotional intelligence will be able to recognize client or colleague’s needs, cultivating opportunities that benefit both ends, and understanding the needs of others.


Social skills

A well-developed social skill is tantamount to your personal and professional growth. In a time where everyone is connected through the internet, we’re also required to adapt and learn how to communicate with people from different backgrounds.


How Does Emotional Intelligence Enhance Your Life?


Leads You to be a Leader

A good leader is someone who’s able to control their emotions, thoughts, and recognize what’s important for them and their members. This EQ contributes to their positive mindset and behavior, which builds trust and supportive culture in the workplace.


However, this doesn’t apply to work-related things only, as emotional intelligence will help you to be a better leader of yourself.


Increases Productivity

What happens when you don’t get emotion hinder your daily activities? Right. The answer is better time management, which leads to productivity. High EQ people will also be able to navigate discussions so that both parties obtain a common ground.


Creates a Better Teamwork

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful, caring manager? When you are sensitive and sympathetic to your members, they will love you. And when your team members love you, they don’t work under fear or stress. Furthermore, they’ll also respect and trust the choices you make. All of these elements create balanced teamwork which benefits all.


Increases the Chance for a Bigger Network

There has been a surge of multinational companies all around the world, including Indonesia. This means that companies will soon hire people of different nationalities. Having a high EQ will help you to bridge the language and cultural barriers in the workplace. Imagine having workmates scattered all around the world. Exciting, isn’t it?


Still, what could be better than conversing with your colleague in their language and vice versa? Research by Tayebeh Zarezadeh found that people with high EQ are better in adopting a new language, specifically in the speaking area.


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