Culture Matters : Vital Lifestyles and Values Practiced in Different Countries

Wed, 25 Nov 2020

Each and every one of us have different life mottos, as well as different definitions of happiness and how we achieve them. Some might find comfort in working exceptionally hard, while others may simply enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning with a cup of tea.


However, most countries have some “ways of life” that are collectively practiced by the people, which they believe, will lead them to a happier state. They keep in mind these values in their daily activities to keep them motivated, sane, and of course, happy! On a good note, these different lifestyles might be your source of inspiration to create a better and healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. 


So, without further ado, let’s find out said lifestyles and try to implement the mindsets into our own lives!


Japan : Ikigai


The Japanese practice the Ikigai lifestyle to find an answer to the main question of life, which is “What am I doing with it?”. The literal translation of this term is “reason for being”. This concept helps one narrow down their purposes in life, what they want to do with it and how to achieve said purpose. Japanese are known to be extremely hard workers, as this Ikigai philosophy results in their perception to have utmost dedication to their work. They find purpose in their work


Ikigai revolves around four main questions to reflect upon;  What do I love? What am I good at? What can I be paid for? And lastly, what does the world need? 


When you’re stuck in a certain point of life where you don’t have purpose, try to take some time to answer those questions, and find your Ikigai. Finding purpose gives you motivation to keep going, so make sure you do! 


Switzerland : Federerism


This term is specifically inspired from a Swiss tennis player’s name, Roger Federer. It describes the value of accuracy, precision, and order in doing work. As the Swiss are exceptionally brilliant at preparation, and control consistency, those values are very much essential in their culture. They believe that happiness comes from being successful. A “federerist” is a term that they created to imply someone who finds joy from achieving success from work.


This value will be beneficial to people who find joy and satisfaction in completing tasks, which will help them to stay motivated and maintain a good work ethic and quality throughout every process they’re going through!


Denmark : Hygge


Hygge is the Danish and Norwegian terminology to emphasize that happiness and the state of being content comes from finding joy in small things and blocking out life negativities. Moreover, practicing Hygge will help individuals appreciate the little things in life that initially seem like they don’t exactly matter, when they actually do. 


Some of us might feel overwhelmed by the numerous amounts of work we need to continuously do daily. However, according to Hygge, having work-life balance is believed to be the key to a happier life. By unwinding ourselves through spending time with our loved ones, sitting down and reading a book, or taking a day off to hang out with our friends, we can find happiness in other forms aside from the joy we get from achieving success from our work. Happiness is priceless, so try finding it in a variety of things!


Italy : Fare la bella figura


There are people who dress to impress, while some do it for their personal satisfaction. “Fare la bella figura” literally translates to “making a beautiful figure”. In Italy, creating a good impression at all times through looking their best is considered a lifestyle. They highly value implementing good manners, tact, and gentility into their daily lives, and it is believed that someone’s well-groomed physical appearance is one way to showcase the message. 


By incorporating this lifestyle into our lives, we can gain happiness by feeling better about ourselves and increase self-love through putting effort in looking our best.!


Sweden : Lagom


The Swedish literal translation to Lagom is “just enough” or “sufficient”. This philosophy teaches us to be content from what we already have. Lagom helps us to live in moderation and find happiness in sufficiency. The Swedish practices this lifestyle to gain happiness and promote balance in every aspect of their lives. 


We can gain a better state of well-being by incorporating Lagom, through some processes such as increasing sustainability by doing efforts to preserve the environment, maintain a balanced eating pattern, and avoid impulsive buying of unnecessary wants. Through incorporating these practices in our lives, we can learn to appreciate our possessions and commit to a more organized and balanced way of living.


Which Of The Lifestyles Can Be A Great Addition To  Your Life?


Our own happiness is our utmost priority, and we should make the effort to promote our own wellbeing and self-development! Through these lifestyles inspired by different countries, we can gain a wider perspective on life and implement those values that could be a beneficial aspect to add in our lives!


Lingobuddies, don’t forget to take care of yourselves, take some time to reflect upon your lives, and try figuring out how you can improve for the better!




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