Bangkok Street Food Starter Pack: 5 Essential Delicacies to Try

Tue, 15 Sep 2020

Sawadee krap/ka!


One of the best ways to familiarize oneself with a country is to eat like a local, and Bangkok is a perfect place to start if you’re a foodie at heart. From meat skewers to mango sticky rice, you’ll be floored at the number of local delicacies available here! 

Traveling to Bangkok for the first time? Below is a starter pack to introduce you to the best of Bangkok’s local street food. Check it out!


  1. Khao Niao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)

What’s a trip to Bangkok without indulging in the iconic mango sticky rice? Delightful in its sweet mango, warm sticky rice, thick coconut milk, and crispy mung beans, mango sticky rice is known to be Bangkok’s best street food for nothing!


Usually, stalls in Bangkok can understand English just fine. However, there are always some who prefer if you speak in Thai.


But, wait. How do you pronounce khao niau mamuang correctly? 


That’s why understanding basic Thai before your trip is essential. Speaking Thai will enable you to communicate with the locals. Moreover, bargaining with souvenir sellers will be a piece of cake!


  1. Tod Mun Pla Krai (Thai Fish Cakes)

Tod mun pla krai or Thai fish cakes are special due to the lack of batter. Mixing Kaffir lime leaves, local chilies, and shrimp paste, the snack is light and fulfilling. Dip it in a chili or lemon zest sauce, or mix it with rice for a filling brunch on the road.


  1. Moo Ping (Grilled Pork)

Another iconic street food worth gaining weight for, moo ping is juicy pork meat barbecued on the top of the charcoal. Despite its relatively cheap price, moo ping is famous amongst tourists due to its unique, aromatic taste from the smoke and sweet-salty sauce.


Pro tip: most moo ping sellers are Thai old ladies whose stalls set on the sidewalk, and only a few of them speak English. 


Learning basic Thai in LingoTalk before your scheduled trip will help you to bridge this language barrier easily!


  1. Sai Oua (Sausages)

Originated in Northern Thailand, sai oua is Thailand’s traditional recipe that has transformed into popular street food. Consists of minced pork meat, charred makrut lime, chilies, lemongrass, and other local herbs, sai oua will make you addicted to its distinct flavor of Thai local tongue.


  1. Khanom Buang (Crispy Pancakes)

Do you know that khanom buang is known to date as far as 600 years ago? This traditional snack is one of Thailand’s famous heritage which now becomes a famous street food.


Emulating a unique combination of crisp and softness, khanom buang is made out of rice flour. Inside, there’s a sweet candied egg yolk that melts once you bite to it. Yummy!


Can’t Wait to Directly Taste Thailand’s Delicacies?

Bangkok sure speaks to its reputation as the king of street foods. Whether you’re visiting Bangkok for a holiday, exchange, or work, be sure to put these in your itinerary and try the best of Thailand’s local delicacies!


Of course, if you want to experience Bangkok to the fullest, make sure to understand the basic vocabulary and grammar of Thai beforehand.


Luckily, we have just the right solution for you!


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Nung, song, sam, (one, two, three) what are you waiting for? Book your language course at LingoTalk and see you in class!


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