Arabian Romance : Stages of Love According to the Arabic Language

Sat, 05 Dec 2020

Love. The word has a wide range of meanings according to how people perceive it personally. One may view it as an emotion of burning desire to be with someone, another could see it as simply a will to put someone’s happiness above their own, along with endless definitions and opinions about the term. 


The Arabic language is known to take romance-related terms very seriously! In ancient times, Arabian poets used to incorporate love rhymes in their poetries. With that being said, the language has an array of ways to express, in words, the many levels of love! 


Curious in what we mean by that? Let’s dive into a variety of significant stages of love according to the Arabic language!


Al-Hawa - Attraction


This is considered the “seed stage” of love. The word “Al-Hawa” translates to “to blow like the wind”, meaning that the feeling is not strong just yet and can come and go anytime, just like the wind. In everyday words, it can be said as an initial crush on someone!


Al-Sabwa - Desire


Feeling comfortable with the presence of that certain someone? Longing for some quality time together? “Al-Sabwa” describes just that! This stage emphasizes that pinch of desire for someone, but keeping it at a flirtatious pace which will not yet guarantee a relationship.


Al-Shaghaf - Passion


The term “Al-Shaghaf” translates to “the outer layer of the heart”! Meaning, love is starting to grow in the air! This stage is where one starts being consumed with a loving emotion towards their significant other. “


Al-Kalaf -  Infatuation


If the previous stage describes love layering the outer of the heart, “Al-Kalaf” is how the love has made its way fully to one’s heart. And when the feeling gets stronger, it may come with obstacles and hardships. Literally, the term “Al-Kalaf” means “among other things”, which means that risks may come – it’s not always going to be rainbows, but a storm may come along as well.


Al-’Ishq - Adoration


This stage, called “Al-Ishq” translates to “to be nested in”, which refers to the emotion of love that is full of passion and happiness. The situation where you feel that you and your significant other feel like it’s just two of you against the world – the highest stage of the passionate love full of butterflies before it dove down to a darker side.


Al-Najwa - Heartbreak


Too much of something will not result in a good outcome. This applies to love as well – “Al-Najwa”, which means “recovery”, refers to moments when a couple is too overconsumed by love that it starts to become painful. This also describes that lovers need time to be away from each other for a short while to ease their grief and problems. 


Al-Hoyam - Madness


Overwhelming. Insane. Madness. The love that initially blooms with passion ends up in an over consuming type of love that leads to a toxic relationship.


Which Stage of Love Are You Currently Experiencing?


Did the Arabic love stages help you determine the phase of love you’re in? With its vast array of interpretations, does it interest you to pursue the language? Well, you’re just in luck because LingoTalk offers one-on-one Arabic language classes to enhance your skills! Keep in mind that Arabic language itself has over 400 million worldwide, and you can be a great addition to the number!


P.S. Whichever stage of romance you’re in, we hope you pursue a healthy love life and don’t let it go anywhere near toxicity! 

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