6 Music Groups from the United Kingdom That Rock the World

Mon, 09 Aug 2021

Music is an essential thing in the world. Maybe some of you, from waking up to sleeping again, music never leaves your ears—various genres of music and the origin of world-famous musicians from local to foreign countries. One of the countries that succeeded in issuing world-renowned musicians is England. No wonder, in every music contest, England always won many championships. England also has a myriad of top pop and rock bands or music groups, whose names must be on every music player service, youtube, creative content, to advertisements. These make no need to doubt the greatness of British music groups. Old school music groups from the era of the 60-the 90s to the present generation have never lost interest. There are always fans of all ages. Here we present to you the music group that has "rocked the world" of all time from The Black Country, United Kingdom! Don't also forget to listen to them while reading this article! Queen Who doesn't know this band? His name has stuck with everyone, both young and old. The band consists of 4 members, namely Brian May as a guitarist, Roger Taylor as a drummer, John Deacon as a bassist, and the eccentric main character Freddie Mercury as a vocalist. At the Live Aid concert, the largest charity concert in music show history held at Wembley Studios, they came together with the screams of seventy-two thousand spectators. The concert, which aims to raise donations for charitable causes in Ethiopia, was a huge success thanks to this rock band. Freddie, the vocalist, only wore a singlet shirt, jeans, and white Adidas shoes. This combination of looks has always been his flagship costume and has become a hallmark in the eyes of his fans. Queen has succeeded in capturing the hearts of the audience with their unique and different works. In addition, the band Queen has also been filmed by the production house of 20th Century Fox under the title name, which is one of the most famous songs of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody. Buddies, have you seen the movie yet? The Beatles This legendary band was probably born when your grandparents were young. Formed in Liverpool and consisting of four members (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr), The Beatles are often regarded as the most commercially successful musicians and the most acclaimed. It is said that The Beatles set a record as the band with the highest single-selling in the world throughout the world. John Lennon and co have total certified sales of 246 million of all time. Many rumors and conspiracy theories circulated about one of the band's members, Paul McCartney, who said that he had died and was replaced by the fake Paul. However, despite all that, The Beatles deserve to always be in the hearts of their fans. What's your favorite song from The Beatles? Oasis “And so Sally can wait. She knows it's too late as we're walking on by,” The lyrics must be very familiar, right Buddies! The band with the actual name The Rain has a unique history. Oasis, with personnel who alternated and was also associated with the unpleasant problem between the brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, will never be separated from its role in the world of music. Although full of controversy, the band Oasis produces works that are no less epic than other bands. As in his album "Definitely Maybe," which has soared since its release. Until now, there are still many young people who like this old band. Can anyone name the song of the band Oasis? One Direction For the Directioners who were heartbroken at their breakup in 2016, it may still not be possible to move on until now. The band consisting of 5 handsome young men: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik, makes women's hearts flutter. The beginning of their careers began when they participated in the British television singing competition The X Factor. Although they failed in the solo category, they were united in a group called One Direction or 1D. With the debut single "What Makes You Beautiful," their name immediately rose in the market. After the debut single, One Direction managed to make its name in the history of music. However, as we all know, the career path will not be as smooth as we think. In the end, they must be separated for an undetermined time and focus more on pursuing their respective careers. The good news is, on the 10th anniversary of 1D, they uploaded a video to social media. Will this be a sign that they will return? Just patiently waiting for them! The 1975 This time it's time for millennial bands to take control. Formed around 2012, since releasing their first album, they immediately reached the top position in the UK Album Charts and continue to rise to this day. Previously, The 1975 was a local band that often covered punk rock songs in nightclubs in England. Like most bands in general, The 1975 started out just for fun and turned out to be a success. A few unique facts about this band, they like to do puzzles through their respective social media when they are about to release a new album, for example, making the nuances of their account themes pink and white. In addition, The 1975 visited Jakarta at the We The Fest 2016 event and also in 2019. Did you come to this concert, Buddies? Spice Girls If we only talked about music groups consisting of men from the beginning, there is also a music group composed of all women. The band, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, is one of the world's biggest and most successful vocal groups. The debut single Wannabe can lead them to the achievement of 90 million album sales. They are also famous for their catchphrase, Girl Power. Each personnel also gets their own nickname according to their character. Mel B as Scary spice because of his scary appearance with his distinctive hair. Gery as Ginger spice because of her sexy appearance and red hair. Emma as Baby spice because she is the youngest member ad her chubby cheeks Victoria Beckham as Posh spice. Mel C as Sporty spice for its tomboyish and sporty style and appearance. The Spice Girls had a reunion concert in 2019. Even though they did not perform as a full team because Victoria did not participate and chose to focus more on family and in the world of fashion, this concert still brought euphoria of joy and nostalgia. Go, girl power! Apart from the bands above, is there any other your favorite band from England and has a reputation for skyrocketing fame globally? Tell us in the LingoTalk course, and don't forget Buddies, you can discuss and break down foreign language songs in the world with our LingoTutor. We look forward to your presence in class!



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