5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Study Abroad

Fri, 21 Aug 2020

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences you could get during your college career. Taking your study abroad means getting out of your comfort zone and embracing new cultures and people altogether. While the premise of living alone in an unknown country might sound challenging at first, studying abroad comes with a range of advantages that will improve your life outside the classroom.


From a higher salary to a memorable connection with people all around the world, here are 5 reasons why you should study abroad.


Studying abroad trains you to be independent

When you’re studying abroad, you won’t have your parents or siblings with you. You also won’t have your friends to take care of you during heartbreaks or failures. However, this solitude is exactly the moment where you learn how to be independent. 


Independence doesn’t only mean doing your own laundry or meal. Independence also means consoling yourself after disappointments and failures, as well as learning how to get up and stand your ground even stronger.


Getting to know new cultures and people

Probably the most exciting part of studying abroad is getting in tune with new people and culture. You will also be introduced to various foods, customs, traditions, as well as social environments. Make sure to keep your perspective and arms open to many new things all around you. By the end of your study, you’ll have a set of understanding and appreciation of a culture different than your own.


Traveling makes easy

When you’re studying abroad, you simultaneously become a student and tourist at the same time. Living in a foreign country provides you with countless opportunities to explore it like a native. You can also ask your friend to take you around or join a field trip program focusing on cultural explorations. If you’re studying in large continents such as Europe or the US, you can make use of long breaks and weekends to visit neighboring cities.


Studying abroad will grant you a lifelong friendship

When you’re studying abroad, you won’t be the only one who lives alone, away from their hometown. During this period, it won’t be a surprise when you become very close to your friends who share the same experience. 


Gaining friends abroad isn’t as hard as it seems. Most programs have activities that involve both local and international students. You might be able to introduce yourself to your classmates before the term starts.


Honing your language skill like never before

There’s nothing more effective in mastering a language than jumping right into the society who uses it on a daily basis. When you’re studying abroad, you’re not only expected to be able to use a foreign language during classes, but also when you’re in the market, bus, train station, and other public places. Sure, it can be taxing at first, but the more often you use it, the more experienced you will be.


Thus, it is important to study the language of the country you’re heading to beforehand. Having a strong foundation of both formal and colloquial language will make your transition easier. Luckily, LingoTalk is here to aid you as your language learning solution. With a range of professional tutors and fully-online curriculum, LingoTalk provides up to 10 languages that you can learn into fluency.


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Studying Abroad

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