5 Reasons Why Mandarin Should Be Your Next Target Language to Master

Sat, 07 Nov 2020

Are you keen on learning a new language, but still torn on which one to master? 


Despite the fact that learning any language would be beneficial and has its own unique aspects, today, we’re going to emphasize on one language that would definitely be an advantage to you if you are fluent at it! 


That’s right, it’s Mandarin!


Though, what exactly are the benefits of learning Mandarin? Will it really be useful for your future endeavours? Let’s discuss them one by one!


1. It’s not as difficult as people perceived!


Ignore the common stereotypical thought of “Mandarin is hard because they don’t use a normal alphabetical system”! 


Well, it’s true that they have had a reputation of being difficult. And people might often assume that in addition to memorizing the Chinese characters, the tenses, grammar structures, and everything in between are hard as well. But the truth is, it really is not! The grammar in the Mandarin language is among the easiest ones to master! It has no complex grammar, no articles, cases nor tenses! You just have to really get a hang of the characters and the pronunciation, as it is a tonal language. Not as bad as you thought, right?


In Lingotalk, as our courses are conversation-focused, you will be guided to master the basics and speak the language from day 1 to boost your fluency faster!


2. It’s the most spoken language in the world!


Did you know that at least one in 6 people speaks Mandarin?


Currently, Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with roughly 918 million native speakers! With that huge number, if you were to master Mandarin, you could build new connections and ease your communication in an international setting! Moreover, having Mandarin as your second, third, or even fourth language definitely would build up your abilities to guide yourself into various kinds of opportunities! Learning the most spoken language in the world would never go to waste, Lingobuddies!


3. It could be a gateway to a diverse range of career opportunities!


China’s economy is considered one of the best among the world. Actually, many perceived their economy as the largest one!


 As they are continuously developing, opening up to the world by making foreign trade and investments, the demand of people to bridge their motives are also getting higher, which makes having a fluent Mandarin skill a huge deal. Additionally, if you are seeking a job in an international scope, companies would surely prefer those who speak multiple languages. For that reason, Mandarin skills are definitely a plus on your resume! Your language skills will be the thing that sets you apart from other candidates, so keep on developing them!


4. It will improve your brain, as well as your artistic capabilities!


A research was conducted that stated how language learning improves an individual’s cognitive ability. They showed how one’s brain reacts faster if they master more languages. Mandarin might be one of the languages that are different from the others especially in terms of writing, and so that will force your brain to process even harder, since it involves both sides of your brain to work. As a result, it will generally increase your brain’s capability, especially in memorization!


In addition, Chinese symbols and characters require one to draw strokes, and each character’s form is usually associated with its real object, that makes it easier for one to remember them! A simple example would be the character for the word “tree” in Mandarin is 木 (Mù). The character’s form resembles its meaning, since it looks like the actual tree! With lots of practice, your artistic skills will be developed and it’s undoubtedly a fascinating skill to own!


 5.  Lastly, you’ll be able to immerse yourselves in the fascinating culture!


With Mandarin language abilities, you can experience a deep understanding of ancient Chinese culture that dates up to 5000 years of history! They are incredibly fascinating, and whether you want to learn about their art, history, cuisine, music, or any other aspects of their culture, it really helps to have their local language skills! Additionally, if you were to travel to countries that use Mandarin as their main language, it would really benefit your journey if you understood the language!


So, what’s the bottom line? Are you going to start learning Mandarin? 


Considering its numerous advantages, you should definitely say yes! If you’re considering, be sure to turn to Lingotalk as your best solution to help you master Mandarin! As our tutors are highly experienced and officially certified, you will, without a doubt, be able to reach your target of fluency!


What are you waiting for? Book a course now right here!



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