5 Global Entrepreneurs That Speak Multiple Languages

Wed, 09 Dec 2020

Do you aim to be successful within an international scope? Want to be able to run a globally-acknowledged business one day?


Well, aside from your skills and passion in your preferred sector, communication is key. Being able to communicate to potential business partners overseas is one of the essential keys to expand your market! Individuals who are multilingual also portray cognitive benefits such as improvements in memory, perception, and also better decision-making skills, which is definitely a significant skill in running a business. 


CEOs and founders of top companies that have made global success are known to be multilinguals. Some even mentioned that it is one of their keys to success! 


Without further ado, let’s find out the story of the 5 world-class entrepreneurs that speak multiple languages that might inspire you to do the same!


1. Jack Ma


Jack Ma’s name is undoubtedly a familiar name to most of us. Leading China’s top e-commerce platform Alibaba, which is also one of the largest in the world, he had confessed that learning English is one of his essential keys to success, as it sets him apart from others. Despite growing up with numerous struggles and rejections, his determination never fails as he put the initiative to learn English by giving free tours to foreigners in China.


As quoted by the man himself, “English helps me a lot. It makes me understand the world better, helps me to meet the best CEOs and leaders in the world, and makes me understand the distance between China and the world.”


2. Mark Zuckerberg


Being the Co-founder slash CEO of Facebook, a social media platform most of us use daily, Mark Zuckerberg also portrays skills in the most spoken language in the world, the Mandarin language. Mainly developed from his communication with his wife and her grandmother, his skills in Mandarin was seen at a 2014 Q&A session at Tsinghua University, China, where he skillfully answered all the questions with the language! 


3. Paul Bulcke


Paul Bulcke is the mastermind behind Nestle, a multinational company that operates in over 189 countries. With the company being expanded to such a large number of countries, it is not a surprise that Bulcke speaks multiple languages to be able to communicate with business partners of the affiliated countries. He is known to be fluent in a total of 6 languages, namely Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish! Impressive, isn’t it? 


He also quoted that “Being multilingual creates a stronger connection with peers, employees and consumers, which is critical for a business like ours.”


4. Marissa Mayer


This individual is an inspiration to female entrepreneurs with her continuous growth determination despite obstacles during the process. Formerly president and CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer is also one of the top entrepreneurs that is skillful in another language other than their mother tongue, as she speaks German and Spanish. She took Spanish advanced classes from a very young age, which contributes to her willingness to grow in various ways, including in her journey as an entrepreneur.


5. Michael Bloomberg


Co-founder of Bloomberg LP, a financial data company founded in 1981, Michael Bloomberg also served as the former New York City mayor from 2002 to 2013. Aside from his English mother tongue, Bloomberg is also known to speak Spanish, where he used it to protect New York’s Hispanic population amidst superstorm Sandy. Currently, being fluent in the Spanish language is portrayed as an advantage, especially in the US, the reason being the constantly fluctuating buying power of the Hispanic population which contributes to bigger potential sales.


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