5 Excellent Career Opportunities for Multilingual People

Fri, 21 Aug 2020

What’s a second language worth? Or specifically, how much you can make by mastering two or several languages? Now that we’re stuck inside due to pandemic, there are numerous options of online courses designed to keep you entertained during quarantine, one of which is online language course.


People join a language course because of many reasons. Whether it’s for an exchange program, scholarship, or career advancement. However, do you know that your language skill can land you a range of excellent jobs? Let’s find out!



The perfect career for every introvert out there, a translator is responsible for rendering a text from one language to another. To make it better, you can do translation anywhere, either in the comfort of your home or wherever a cafe table opens up. In short, it’s the best job for those who love to work behind the scene!


Translator plays a vital role in our society. We wouldn’t be able to read avant-garde literature such as Anna Karenina, The Illiad, and The Odyssey if there’s no translator to translate it from its original language. Still, if literary work isn’t your teacup, you can pick a specialized translation field such as a medical translator or legal translator.


Content Creator for a Language Blog

Quoting the word of wisdom from Bill Gates: content is king, and there’s an infinite amount of what you can do with your lingo skill to fill your language blog with engaging and helpful content.


If you’re someone with a great passion for language learning, you can start small by building your blog. Share your experience, tips and trick, or upload your language learning material for others to see. You can also utilize guest posting or ads to promote your blog to a broader scope of audience. Consistently build it from there, and once you’ve garnered enough audience, you can start monetizing it and turn it into an exciting side hustle!


Branding Specialist

Being one of the most influential multinational companies, Google often hires branding specialists to communicate with its customers worldwide. Branding specialists make sure that Google’s brand message comes across and receives inputs and suggestions to improve its product. To be able to do their job accordingly, a brand specialist requires language skills to communicate appropriately with their target audience.


Do you wish to land a job as a branding specialist shortly? Sign up to a language course in LingoTalk and rapidly improve your lingo skill with our adept tutors. Offering up to 10 language options, LingoTalk classes are designed to improve your conversation skill. Moreover, the classes are entirely online, meaning that you can learn within your home’s comfort.


NGO Volunteer

NGO or Non-Governmental Organization is an organization dedicated to providing welfare and aid to those in need. There are many NGOs worldwide, each with their main concerns, such as gender equality, quality education, and clean water, among many others.


NGOs’ primary focus is to improve the living conditions of third-world countries. Unfortunately, many of these countries don’t have English as their primary language. Hence, your vast knowledge of lingo will definitely be a great aid to communicate with the locals.


It’s important to note that when you become a volunteer, you need to be familiar with the culture and people you’re helping. Hence, when you decided to learn a new language on your own or through a language course, be sure that it provides cultural information such as customs, slangs, and other practical knowledge.



While most people still get tangled up between what differentiates interpreters and translators, the primary distinction of both professions is that interpreters work on the stage, whereas translators behind it. Interpreters help to bridge two or more people who don’t know each other’s languages yet need to talk to each other.


Interpreting is tricky because, in real life, people speak colloquially. They use idioms, slangs, and other informal lingos that often being left out in texts. Hence, an interpreter needs to have a broad knowledge of both languages to avoid miscommunications. Now you know how important it is to study not only the language but also the culture and people living in it.


Usually, interpreters are hired for international talk shows, seminars, or other events that involve a lot of people from different nationalities.


Let’s Start Your Career

Being the best online language course, LingoTalk is a perfect choice for diving into a new lingo or polishing a skill you’ve learned in school. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how the natives’ talk and their culture. Once you’re finished with your course, you’ll be more than ready to work there or people from there with gusto.


So, are you ready to kickstart your career in one of these up-and-coming jobs?


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