5 Essential Keys To Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Mon, 23 Nov 2020

With the presence of the continuously revolving technology, we have gained ease in numerous aspects, such as better means of communications, access to various information, and of course, job hunting. From the old-school method of putting up job vacancies in newspapers and magazines then sending resumes through mail, now, you can apply for a job with just some simple clicks on a job vacancy platform. 


LinkedIn is a leading platform that allows its users to do professional networking and obtain access to numerous job vacancies, which also serves as an “online resume” where anyone, most importantly recruiters, can view one’s profile to assist in employment considerations. Moreover, one is able to demonstrate their expertise, skills, and credibility in full detail, as well as conduct research about a certain company or organization before applying. This platform highly benefits both job seekers and employers, hence, it is essential that one owns a well-refined LinkedIn profile that stands out! 


Follow these tips to showcase your personal branding through a LinkedIn profile!


1. Profile and Cover Photos


The first thing people will notice when they view your profile is undoubtedly, your profile photo. Therefore, it is crucial that you set up a professional-looking picture, and not a random selfie or a picture of your dog. That may be suitable for your other social networking sites, but not LinkedIn. It is best to use a headshot with a plain background, as it will give off a neutral, yet professional version of yourself. 


Cover photos are also significant in polishing your LinkedIn profile. Use a photo that is not too eccentric, and describes your current position. It could vary from a picture of where you currently work or study, or simply a neutral-looking stock photo. Feel free to browse through your gallery, but remember to keep it professional!


2. Tell a Story Through Your Summary


The “Summary” section in your profile is the one you should never miss! This a chance for you to “market yourself”, lay out a brief overview of yourself along with your past experiences, and emphasize on your skills and how it can be a benefit for both yourself and the company. Make sure that you keep your summary not too long, but informative and concise. Put your utmost effort to this summary, as it is also one of the first things people will see in your profile!


3. List Relevant Skills, and Take The Skill Assessment Test!


LinkedIn allows you to scroll through countless options of skills and pick those that are most relevant to you. Recruiters will be able to identify your areas of expertise and consider them to decide whether or not it fits the company! It is also best to take the skill assessment test provided by LinkedIn to determine your credibility in your claimed skill! If you successfully completed and passed the test, a “Verified Skill” badge will appear on your profile. The results of the test provide proof of your skills, and evidence always supports a claim. Hence, it will strengthen your personal branding and be a benefit to both yourself and the recruiter!


4. Seek Relevant Recommendations and Endorsements


Aside from taking the Skills Assessment Tests, endorsements and recommendations also add value to your skill credibility! Although, people might not automatically endorse you out of the blue, therefore, take the initiative to send them a well-written message and make sure you do your part to endorse them back upon their request. Keep in mind that you narrow down your requests to only relevant people that you choose to receive endorsements from to maintain your credibility. It would be beneficial to receive them from a colleague or someone you worked with in the past, as they have seen you work themselves. By writing recommendations, it will also boost up your skills’ relevance and give viewers a better point of view from another person’s eyes!


5. Highlight Your Accomplishments


Do you master various languages, receive awards, or possess some official test certifications that you have accomplished throughout the years? Showcase them in the “Accomplishments” section on LinkedIn! Fill it with the milestones you have achieved, and if possible, attach a short description if you received an honor or award. This is where you can set yourself apart from other job seekers, so make sure you don’t miss to fill it in! 


Now, Take A Look At Your Own LinkedIn Profile!


Wondering why there have been no responses from all those job applications you sent? You probably missed a few aspects on your LinkedIn profile! After reading these essential tips, reflect upon your own LinkedIn profile! Have you filled in all the significant areas? Are they well-organized, informative, and professional-looking?


Well, if not, then log in to your account and put your best effort into turning it to a refined version of your profile!


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See you there, Lingobuddies!


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