5 Binge-Worthy Spanish Netflix Series to Boost Your Language Skill

Tue, 15 Sep 2020

Do you know what’s the #1 mistake every language learner makes?

You’re right. Only learning from the textbook.

While classroom learning is essential and helpful to help you learn vocabulary and grammar, it doesn’t do a great job when it comes to communicating nuances of the language’s culture. The same case applies when you learn Spanish. We also covered how anime helps non-native learners to master Japanese here.

Your Spanish course won’t cover every slang, dialect, humor, and idiom, which are basically the essence and soul of Spanish. Let’s be real, the beauty of Spanish resides in its colloquial aspect.

If you’re looking for a way to bridge this problem, the Spanish Netflix series is a good way to start.

Watching movies or series provide you context via expressions, settings, and body language. You’ll also be easily immersed through interesting plots and captivating actions. To make it better, now that you’ve realized the charm of the Spanish language, you won’t only learn for the sake of learning anymore. Your interest branches to understanding the people, visiting the country, or even taking your study there.

Wondering which series offers the best Spanish learning experience? Below we’ve compiled 5 Spanish Netflix series to further your study!

La Casa de Papel or Money Heist

A mysterious man who refers to himself as ‘‘The Professor’‘ trains a dozen young, money-hungry criminals to pull off the largest heist in history. The show is fast-paced with actions and plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The crazy thing is, the show is almost entirely set in one location: the Royal Mint of Spain.

The show isn’t all about action, though. Because there are a few love stories that will make you swoon and cry. As a Spanish learner, you’ll have a great time learning multiple terms of endearments between lovers, as well as a glimpse of crime and law vocabularies!

La Casa de Papel has become one of the most-watched foreign shows in Netflix and there are three entire seasons in their catalog for you to binge-watch.


When three working-class Spanish students are awarded scholarships to Spain’s most elite high school, expect some dramas to ensue. Just in case the darkly alluring plot of spoiled rich students isn’t enough, there’s also a mysterious murder going on and the thrill of forbidden love.

Join over 20 million households that are hooked by Netflix's up and coming glossy teen drama. Prepare your popcorn because you’re definitely on some wild ride.

Vis a Vis or Locked Up

Firstly debuted in 2017, Vis a Vis or Locked up aired on local Spanish television. The story revolves around Macarena, a woman who was conned by her manipulative boss and committed a crime because of him.

The story took a wild turn following her life with her fellow female inmates. Forbidden love ensues, as well as Macarena’s attempt to uncover the crime that’s been happening beyond the cell. Watching Vis a Vis will expose you to the Spanish incarceration system and you’ll learn tons of prison, law, and crime vocabularies along the way.


Based on the life of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, Narcos debuted in 2016 and became a major hit worldwide. The series offers an interesting insight into his life; from his humble origins in rural Colombia to global drug kingpin. Additionally, you’ll also see a brutal side of the drug trade in Latin America at that time. The series doesn’t only show you the language and its intricacies, but also the cultural and social-politics condition at that time.


If crime and action isn’t your cup of tea, let Valeria entertain you with its humorous plot and lighthearted characters. A perfect combination of Sex and the City, Girls, and Bridget Jones, Valeria will make you press the next episode without thinking twice.

The story follows Valeria, an aspiring novelist whose life turned for the worse when she’s tangled into an unexpected love triangle. With the support of her quirky best friends, Valeria is ready to become your next favorite series.

Have You Picked Your Next To-Watch List?

A beautiful country with a myriad of cultures and people, Spain will steal your heart before you realize it.

Well, what could be better than making it your next study, work, or holiday destination?

Of course, if you want to experience Spain to the fullest, it’s better to have a firm grasp of its language.

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