15 Hilarious German Proverbs as a Bizzare Conversation Starter

Mon, 05 Oct 2020

Being one of the 10 most spoken languages in the world, German is an official language of seven countries in Western Europe, including Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland. German is also widely spoken in Poland, Brazil, and even Italy.


If French is the language of love and Latin is the language of knowledge… what does that make of German?


Apparently, German is the language of weird proverbs and humour. If you’re a non-native who just begins to learn about this fascinating language, you’ll find numerous questionable phrases that seem to fit into various scenarios.


Nevertheless, there’s no better way to showcase your German skills and knowledge than rattling bizarre proverbs as a conversation starter.


Without further ado, let’s dive straight in!


Leben ist kein Ponyhof

Literal translation: Life is no Pony farm

Meaning: Life can be challenging


Ich glaub ich spinne

Literal translation: I think I spider

Meaning: I think I’m going crazy



Literal translation: Grief bacon

Meaning: Excessive weight gain after emotional eating



Literal translation: Cable salad

Meaning: Everything is a mess


Leben wie Gott in Frankreich

Literal translation: Live like God in France

Meaning: To live luxuriously


Sie hat einen Vogel

Literal translation: She has a bird

Meaning: Insane


Das ist mir Wurst

Literal translation: That’s sausage for me

Meaning: It’s not important


Klappe zu, affe tot

Literal translation: Close the lid, the monkey is dead

Meaning: It’s the end



Literal translation: Staircase joke

Meaning: A witty joke or comment that comes to you once the moment ends


Kein Schwein war da

Literal translation: There weren’t any pigs here

Meaning: Nobody was present, usually used to refer to an uninteresting party


Da liegt der Hund begraben

Literal translation: That’s where the dogs are buried

Meaning: That’s where the heart of the matter


Mein Englisch ist unter aller Sau

Literal translation: My English is under all pigs

Meaning: My English is really bad


Ins Gras beißen

Literal translation: To bite the grass

Meaning: To die


Das kannst du deiner Oma erzählen

Literal translation: Say that to your grandma

Meaning: What you’re saying is false or over-exaggerated


Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof

Literal translation: I only understand train station

Meaning: I really don’t understand


So, How Many Times Did You Laugh?


What do you think about these bizarre proverbs? Are they a perfect conversation enough, yet?


Now that you’ve learned a bit about German proverbs, use this knowledge to make your language learning process more authentic and grounded to German culture. To make it better, the next time you’re meeting a German friend, you won’t need to experience that awkward silence since you have these proverbs as ice-breakers!


Knowing German proverbs and their meaning alone isn’t enough, you must know how to pronounce it correctly for it to be funny.


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German Proverbs


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