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Tight schedule? Worry not! LingoTalk offers a range of class schedules tailored-made just for you!



Feed your brain with a LingoTalk session as it only costs you a pizza.

Easy Set Up

Easy Set Up

Bid your goodbyes to tons of links as with only a device and a willingness to learn, you’re good to go!



Speak the language from day 1 as our curriculum concentrates on real-life conversational skills!

How does it work?


Register, and pick a language of your choice, then complete your profile.


Pick a course and select schedule that fits your agenda.


Enjoy a 1-on-1 class with our tutor on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions


What courses does LingoTalk offer?

LingoTalk offers classes for 10 languages, namely English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian for Foreigners. You can enroll in as many language classes as you like. For more information, you can click here .

What are the courses like?


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Are there different levels for each course?


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Your Best Pal in Language Learning​

LingoTalk is Indonesia’s language learning platform with the vision to help empower people by providing efficient and all-encompassing language skills and education. In 2017, LingoTalk initially began as a medium to connect people with the perfect guiding tutors through offline courses. Today, LingoTalk has evolved into an online site that offers personalized language courses for 10 languages. By giving easier access to our learning platform, LingoTalk provides the best conversation-focused learning experience including affordable prices with the certified and experienced tutors.​​

Real-life Conversational and Spoken Language Course in a Fun and Effective Way​

LingoTalk's mission is to bring foreign language to life by providing real-life conversational and spoken language courses in a fun and effective way. Foreign language courses in Indonesia are still regarded as ineffective as the learning progress tends to focus too much on text materials. Additionally, students are required to pay a huge amount of money to gain access to these language courses. However, these language courses are also inaccessible to students in certain rural areas. With LingoTalk, students are able to achieve and meet the necessities to boost their confidence in language skills. ​​

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